Dallas Outdoor Kitchens Projects

Outdoor Living Project

Outdoor Living Project in Fairview, TX

The homeowners asked us to expand their outdoor living space and to include the following features. Large Stone Outdoor Fireplace with seat benches on each side, an Outdoor Firepit with glass beads, Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ grill, Big Green Egg smoker, storage & fridge. In addition, they wanted a large patio cover with LED lighting in the ceiling, under the counter tops and in the fire pit. We finished it all off with a beautiful Belgard paver patio.
Heath,TX Outdoor Kitchen

Heath, TX – Outdoor Kitchen, Cabana, Fireplace

Our goal for this project was to create a Pool Cabana that was attached to one end of the house off the master bedroom. We removed two windows and replaced them with glass doors for easy access to the outdoor living area. Inside the pool cabana area we built an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, added a large flat mounted TV, LED string lights for the ceiling, along with some additional small Low volt lights that we placed in the outdoor kitchen and bar area. We also added some Belgard pavers to the existing pool area for additional entertainment space for family and friends.
Craig Ranch Main Image

Craig Ranch – McKinney, TX

The goal of this project was to create a pergola with an old world style to blend with the stucco and tile roof of the house. We lifted the center section of the pergola so that it is higher than the two ends and turned the rafters on their edge for a more interesting effect. Low volt lights were added in the top of the Pergola as well as the outdoor kitchen and post lights were also included. We used rattlesnake stone for boots on the cedar posts as well as the outdoor kitchen. Granite tops make cleanup easy and stain free. The floor was made from travertine tile to complete an elegant, classic look.

Richardson Outdoor Living Project

Client asked us to design a more contemporary pool cabana that included a traditional style fireplace & outdoor kitchen. We combined gray painted cabana to match the trim color to their house and modern LED color changing lights were installed to go with the LED lights for their pool. In addition, we remodeled the pool deck and their driveway with Belgard Pavers. So they could enjoy their cabana in cooler weather we also added infrared heaters in the ceiling to keep the area cozy.
Outdoor Kitchen New Orleans Style

Frisco, TX. New Orleans Style Outdoor Kitchen & Cabana

This customer asked us to help create a look that reminds him of his previous home in New Orleans. For this, we used all brick, added an open window on the rear of the structure with wrought iron, and installed gas lanterns similar to what you would see in New Orleans. We also included Belgard pavers to give it a cobble stone old world type look. The open window allows for a breeze to flow through and preserves a view of the golf course behind the pool cabana. The ceiling of the cabana is made of 100% western cedar with large exposed beams.
Prosper, TX Cabana & Fireplace

Prosper, TX Cabana & Fireplace

This client has a very large yard and wanted to build a freestanding cabana to help fill up part of that space up close to the house and leave the back space large to accommodate a future swimming pool and play area for grandchildren. We created a very large stone fireplace that is 8 ft. wide, then added wood bins on each side with seat benches. Since it is very windy in their area we added some short walls to help block the wind. Outdoor tv installed on the fireplace was included for entertaining guests. An outdoor kitchen was built under their existing patio cover and then a generous amount of Belgard Pavers were installed to connect everything together and still allow space for some landscaping.