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By Larry G. October 1st, 2017
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Autumn is a good time of year to start to think about the change of seasons, cooler weather, fall colors, and extending our outdoor living season by installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. If you already have an outdoor kitchen area then a fireplace or firepit may be your next item to consider adding on to your backyard area. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be built to burn wood or natural gas, and each has its own beauty and charm.

Fireplace or fire pit, which is right for your outdoor living area?

If you are looking to enhance your backyard living area then nothing commands as much attention as a handmade natural stone fireplace. An outdoor fireplace gives you a natural focal point where family and friends will tend to sit, have a favorite beverage, and spend time enjoying each other’s company. If you add on a built in TV, then you can also watch the big game, the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or even play video games. People of all ages love to gather around the fire, tell tall tales about their latest vacation, fishing trip, or life event.

Outdoor fireplaces come in all sizes, shapes, and can be built using both brick or stone. The same is true for fire pits, although they are usually smaller in size they can also have some interesting features and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Gas or Wood burning?

When you consider building an outdoor fireplace or firepit you need to decide whether you would like to have it burn wood, gas, or a combination of the two. Some people prefer to see and hear the natural cracking, and popping of real wood burning, others prefer to avoid a bit of the mess and smoke that comes with wood burning, for them, natural gas is a better alternative. If you don’t mind cleaning the fireplace or fire pit then wood may be your choice of fuel. It is hard to beat the dancing flames, embers, and sparks that real wood will provide. You do have to buy, store, and keep your wood dry and that may be more work than some people would like to do.

Today, there are a lot of choices for gas fireplaces and fire pits including real looking logs as well as more modern looking ones with fire glass that comes in a large variety of colors.

In Dallas, we see a trend for the modern look with the younger millennial group of customers, and more of the traditional look with the older group. Either way, they both make for an outstanding feature in your outdoor living area. One thing to also consider is what your city codes are for wood burning versus gas and your builder or city permitting office can answer those questions for you.

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Cost considerations for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Outdoor fireplaces tend to cost more to build simply because they are usually much larger, take more materials, and involve more labor to build, however, if you build a large fire pit, include stone seating, LED lights, and remote controls for lighting the fire pit you can easily spend just as much as a traditional stone fireplace. If you want to include natural gas then your cost goes up too because of the labor to install a gas line from its source which can sometimes be a long way from your fireplace or fire pit.

Your outdoor living builder will be able to determine where the gas must come from and what cost there is for that. Generally speaking, an outdoor fireplace in the Dallas market will start about $10,000 and go up from there depending on the height and width being built and a fire pit will start about $2000 for a basic wood burning model.

Placement is important

The location of the fire pit or outdoor fireplace is an important consideration and careful planning is advised, especially if either are to be wood burning. Good traffic flow is essential as fire features tend to be where many people will gather. Also, prevailing wind direction can play an important part if wood will be the source of your fuel. Too much smoke can ruin a great party so a good location for your fire feature is key to successful design. Your outdoor living contractor should be well versed in location, fire codes, and local laws regarding your outdoor fireplace or fire pit and can give you good tips to consider when you are ready to build one. 

Add enjoyment and value to your home and life

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits may not only add enjoyment for you, your family, and friends but it may also increase the resale value of your home. A well designed and expertly built outdoor fireplace or fire pit can become the center piece of your entertaining area and can be a cozy place to spend time outdoors in the cooler fall and winter months. They can extend the time you can use your outdoor living area and add warmth. Picture yourself with your family and friends sitting outside by a roaring fire and looking up at the stars in the night sky while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or your favorite beverage, what could be better than that?

Dallas Outdoor Kitchens and Hardscape is an expert outdoor living builder and we would love the opportunity to create your fire feature in your outdoor living area. Give us a call to discuss what we can build for you. We will sit down with you and create a design that you will be proud to own.

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