Design & Consulting Service


Dallas Outdoor Kitchens and Hardscape, offers both design and consulting work with or without installation or construction. If all you need is a professional drawing, concept work, or consultation, we offer this as a standalone service for both the do it yourself customer or builder who does not need our construction or installation services.

We have more than 15 years experience in designing residential swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, concrete construction, retaining walls, landscaping, arbors, & patio covers. During that time we have produced more than 3000 drawings and been involved in constructing more than 600 residential projects.

Our fees for design and consulting services are as follows:

  1. 2D or 3D Design work by computer or by hand drawings: $50.00 per hour with a four hour minimum charge.
  2. Consultation at your home, office, or jobsite: $100.00 for first hour, additional hours are $50.00 per hour.
  3. If you need a combination of the above services: $100.00 for first hour, additional hours are $50.00 per hour with a three hour minimum charge.
  4. Changes to designs after our initial creation can be done at any time based on $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.
  5. Engineering services can be provided from a licensed engineer on an as needed basis with costs based on the complexity of the project. Generally these will start at a minimum charge of $350 or more.

Our Process: To determine how long an individual project will take to design we first need to sit down with the client face to face and gain a full understanding of what they wish to create. In most cases we will need to visit the area where the construction will take place to see firsthand the elevation and lay of the land and take into account water drainage, existing construction, easements, setback requirements, etc. In order to ascertain these items we will need a photocopy of the survey or site plan of your property where the construction will take place. Only after we gather all the information we need can we determine how complex the design work will be.

Next we will give an estimate to the client of approximately how long we think a particular project would take to design. If the estimate is acceptable we will each sign a contract for the project, collect payment in full, and give an approximate delivery date for initial design.

Delivery Method: Once the design has been completed we will either hand deliver drawings or save them digitally and send by email, US mail, or other delivery service based on the clients preference. Additional shipping or delivery charges will apply based on method of delivery, distance to travel, etc. Drawings can be produced both digitally and/or on different sizes of paper, both in color or black and white. Digital drawings are usually created as Adobe PDF files but in some cases can be saved or exported as JPEG or AutoCad files.  Digital drawings can be saved to CD, DVD, flash drive or any other form of digital media.