Belgard Pavers


Dallas Outdoor Kitchens is ICPI certified installer and Belgard Authorized Contractor for Interlocking Pavers

What are Interlocking Pavers?

Interlocking pavers is a material we install which is sometimes referred to as paving stones, brick pavers, concrete pavers, or stone pavers. This material can be used extensively for high traffic areas such as driveways, walkways, swimming pool decks, and patios. We prefer to use natural travertine stone material or genuine Belgard pavers due to their strength, durability, warranty, and beauty.

Cost Comparison of Pavers

  • The cost of pavers is comparable to stamped or pattern concrete, but keep in mind the benefits of using pavers can far outweigh those of any type of concrete.
  • Wood decking is usually more expensive than pavers, plus wood warps, rots, splinters, and has to be stained or resealed on a regular basis making it a high maintenance material which also has a much shorter lifespan.
  • Synthetic wood is much more expensive, comes in a very few limited colors, and has a plastic look and feel making it much less attractive looking.


Features and Benefits of Using Pavers

1. Will not crack and can allow soil expansion or contraction that we have in the Dallas metroplex area

2. Can be reset and re-leveled or removed with little or no impact to surrounding areas

3. Comes with a much longer warranty on the installation compared to stamped concrete, wood, or other materials

4. Are a modular solution and allow access for underground maintenance on cables, drainage, sewer pipes, and tree roots

5. Do not require expansion joints which can look unattractive and break up the pattern in the deck

6. Do not require any extended curing time and can be walled on immediately after being installed

7. Unlike concrete, pavers can be installed in almost any temperature or climate zone

8. Can withstand extreme temperature changes of heat or cold and are highly resistant to freeze/thaw

9. Do not have to be re-colored or resealed like pattern concrete or acid stain decks

10. Are almost 3 times as strong as regular concrete and available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns

11. Are very slip resistant making them safer to use around children, senior citizens, and swimming pools


Where we use them:
  Driveways, Walkways, Pool Decks, Outdoor Living areas, Retaining Walls